이로고는 항상 KJI 회사의 아이덴티티를 대표한다.
The symbol of KJI in the ellipse stands for the global mind and world.
Blue color represents not only the sky which means the high ideal of KJI but also the water which means the origin of all lives.
Green color represents the wide earth, the cleanness and the life of nature.
Gray color represents the advanced technology which makes all of them above harmonious and the future as well.
The dynamic shape stands for the credibility and the advanced technology of KJI.
We have used evergreen tree that strives throughout all seasons with powerful vitality as our symbolic motif in our efforts to exhobit the attributes of our brand of "Vitality of Nature" through configuration of a tree. Configuration of our logo type is expressed in refined 'serif' calligraphics style in order to exhibit premium image of our products with outstanding quality.