Product Review
Miraculous Experiences
Yoolim Apt.,Hwamyung-dong, Buk-gu, Busan, Korea / Ahn, Jingu - a painter

My left knee began to give dull pain about 10 years ago, giving me difficulties in walking up and down stairs. My wife also suffered from same symptoms, which eventually became highly aggravated to the point of having difficulty in walking even at home. Both of use visited the Sungshim Hospital in Gupo,Busan and underwent thorough physical examination including MRI. My wife was diagnosed with serious degenerative arthritis in both of her knees and I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in progress. However, without availability of any particular treatment, we were prescribed only with pain killer and ointments. We visited oriental medical clinic for treatments such as acupuncture or moxibustion without any improvement in our symptoms. We continued to suffer from this disability. I heard about "herbal and tree sap patch containing the vitality of forest" from a friend. I bought them and began putting them on the sole of my foot, shoulder, knees and on my back.

Initially, enormous quantity of black and pungent secretion was produced. Now, cleaning secretion discharged by the "herbal and tree sap patch containing the vitality of forest" every morning has become our daily task. About a month since we began to use the product, difficulties that I used to experience when walking up and down stairs began to disappear, and my wife was also able to walk around in the house and now is able to walk up stair. My wife and I are tree sap patch containing the vitality of forest," my symptoms were completely disappeared and I was able to once again enjoy the pleasure of climbing a small mountain at the back of our house for the first time in 10 years. My wife has gotten much better and is now able to go to the market and join me in climbing mountain for about an hour.
Sap patch is receiving highly favorable responses from patients who reported disappearance of pain in the sole of foot and rheumatoid pain, which are difficult to treat.
MuranoNorihiro / Director of clinical Center of Oriental Medical Science

About the end of July this year (1999), O was introduced to sap patch by a friend . Since he deals with health related products, he seems to be receiving a lot of information on wide variety of products.

Mrs. K (61 years old) was suffering from severe pain in the sole of foot. Mrs. K began to feel excruciating pain in the concaved portion of sole of her right foot about 2 years ago. She took powerful pain killer several times in order to pacify the pain. Without any improvement even with large amount of pain killers, she visited my clinic about 2 months ago.

When I felt her sole of the foot that she is experiencing pain, temperature was quite low, indicating that the pain has subsided somewhat. Nonetheless, she needed to continue to take pain killer in order to contain the pain to manageable level. As such, I recommended her to try using the sap patch. In the case of Mrs. K, she visited me once a week. Accordingly,I instructed her to put them on the sole of her foot on her return to home from my clinic, Although the patch became soaked from the first day, Pain continued for about a week or two. She then bought sap patch on her own and began to put them on every day before she went to sleep. The effect of the sap patch began to appear gradually. About a week later, the pain improved substantially and she did not have to take pain killer in the afternoon. Her conditions then improved such that she only had to take pain killer every other day.

There is the following case for rheumatism. All of toes of Mrs. Female (58years old) were deformed, dislocated and bent since 10 years ago due to rheumatism. Accordingly, she could not put her toes on the ground and suffered pain in bone in the concaved section of her soles. In addition, she began to experience abnormalities in her wrist joint with severe pain. As such, she began to use sap patch. In the case of Mrs. Female, I instructed her to put patch after treatment as she was leaving. It seems that she felt good about the product and she personally purchased the sap patch and has been using it everyday. She has been using the sap patch for 3 months now. Saturation of the patch decreased and pain subsided substantially.
Ache in my knee, crick in my shoulder Amazed at immediate effect
A player of Geomungo, one of Korean musical instruments, 66years old / Mr. Ichinose

As a teacher of the Geomungo, musical instrument, it is necessary to sit up straight for long periods of time. When I was in my forties, I had an aggravating pain in my shoulders and my head began to feel heavy. Whenever I had a massage, I felt even my hands ached. Especially on rainy days, the symptoms got worse and were accompanied by a headache. I tried various medical treatments such as massage, acupuncture, moxibustion but didn't get any satisfaction. About ten years ago I gained weight due to a problem in my pulmonary system. It was painful to sit up straight in a sitting position. Then about five years ago, I began to suffer from pains in my knee and swelling in my foot. It is essential that while playing or teaching to sit up straight, but I had to find some other way of moving my weight to the right or left to obtain some relief from my discomfort.

In the meantime, I began to use the 'Forest Sap Patch' recommended by a friend of mine. The next day after applying the 'Forest Sap Patch' I felt my shoulders getting better and was told by a masseur, "Today your neck and shoulders are in good condition." Three days later, I could move my toes that I couldn't move before, and my whole body felt lighter, like magic. For a long time I've tried various remedies but it is the first time I got results so fast and felt comfortable. When I touched, my shoulder the pain was gone and the crick in my shoulder went away along with the headache, whenever I feel an ache if any, I apply the Sap Patch and find it gets better. Sap Patch helped a lot for preventing and improving the pain in my shoulder. An ache in my knee has also improved thanks to the Sap Patch. Now I am able to sit up straight and play the Geomungo without any trouble.
'Forest Sap Patch' applied to knee for pain and swelling pain disappeared in a short period, very impressed.
Office worker, 59 years old / Ono Smiko

It was the beginning of November, last year that I realized that my knees are not in good condition. I could hardly get up in the morning because of the tension in my knees. At first I thought it was because I sat up straight for around two hours the day before in a meeting, but two to three days later my knees became painful and swollen. After going to the doctor, I had a physical examination and many tests; the outcome was a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, and I wished I could get some relief from my knee ache.

At that time my younger sister who was also suffering from knee pain recommended the 'Forest Sap Patch' saying, "I apply this to the sole of my foot and it relieves my knee pain." At first, I had many doubts about it, thinking 'How can tree extract make my pain get better' but I chose to try it right away because of my sister's confidence. I slept with a 'Forest Sap Patch' applied to the soles of my feet and knees. The next morning upon taking off the Sap Patch, I was very surprised! The Sap Patches on my feet wet and their color became brownish.

However the 'Sap Patch' that I had applied to my knees didn't show any change from the first day and for three days afterward. So the next time I tried changing the area of application to the outer part of the knee in the beginning and then to the lower part of my knee, at the end. Around two or three days later the change showed up in my knees too. They did not get as wet as the Patches on the soles of my feet, but sticky liquid started coming off. From that time on I made it a rule to apply the Sap Patch before sleep, remove it in the morning and apply it again before reporting for work.
This is recorded by referring to the monthly magazine "Hanbang (Oriental Medicine)
and Health" the Japanese health magazine "Ansim (Relax)" and the letters from our customers.