KJI’s sap patches are manufactured with the combined materials of natural ingredient
It is the natural ore from Brazil. It is effective in generating negative-ions and improving blood circulation in the body through the effects of far-infrared rays.
This is a mushroom from Brazil containing large quantities of β-Glucan, Vitamins, minerals and amino acids and heightens the immunity of the body.It is also effective against cancer,diabetes, high blood pressure andliver diseases, etc.
Eucalyptus oil
It is a vegetable oil manufactured from Eucalyptus leaves and improves the body’s healing effect.
Highly purified silica
This substance is composed of fine porous particles that arenon-crystalline with good fluidity.
Polyhydric alcohol
This substance is used as an agent top reserve moisture.
The extract of the fruit of an apricot which is good for smoothing the skin.
Bamboo vinegar
It is obtained from bamboo and contains more than 100 types of natural substances. It is also said to be effective against athlete’s foot and atopy.
Vitamin C
It prevents other ingredients from oxidation and is effective in raising the activity of cells and maintaining immunity functions.
Mugwort extract
This is widely used as an herb medicinein the Orient.This has the effect of making the human body warm without dehydration.
Heat-storing polysaccharide
This substance heats human body
and keeps it moisturized.
It's function is to absorb moisture and by doing so it heightens the effect of other ingredients through It's synergistic effecton the other ingredients.
Loquat (Japanese medlar)extract
This belongs to the rose family in the classification of vegetation. This has some functions in controlling the movement of the stomach, mitigationof congestion in some organs, and appeasing of cough in the throat.
Rose oil
It makes mind and body feel comfortable
and induces a relaxed state of mind by relaxing the nerves.
Houttuyniacordata (Dokudami)
It adjusts the skin through its
antibacterial and anti-inflammatoryaction.
It has an action that warms the body with
a painkilling effect.
Warming pigment
It has heating action, which stimulates
the sole to promote better blood circulation.
Wood vinegar
It is obtained from oak from the area of the Nara city of Japanese and contains more than 200 types of natural substances. It is also said to be effective against athlete’s foot and atopy.
Lavender oil
It makes mind and body feelcomfortable,
and induces a feeling of relaxation by releasing tension in the nerves.
Pearl stone
This is made of crystalline igneous rock which shows a wonderful effect for improving fluidity and absorbability.
It contains curcumin which
strengthens liver functions.