How do Sap Patches Work?
Creating health and wellness through our feet is not a new science. Different forms of studies and alternative medical reports on improving health through the feet have been continuously reported since ancient times. Sap Patches work with a similar principle to the reflexology, whereby the nerve pathways (meridian channels) which link all body parts are encouraged to maintain a flow of energy through all major organs and glands the entire length of the body.
According to medical knowledge, the human body has over 360 acupuncture points, with 60 of these and 7000 nerve endings located on the soles of the feet. The feet are also where all meridian channels end.

When Sap Patches are applied to the soles of the feet, the patch ingredients work by producing natural far infrared rays(FIR) energy as well as absorbing body wastes.

Natural far infrared rays(FIR), released from the natural ingredients of the sap patches, are thought to have a better blood circulation effect on the human body, this is why many people who use Sap Patches report to achieve a better quality night sleep and improved feelings of general wellbeing.
High levels of natural FIR can be found in our natural environment. The powdered mixture of natural ingredients in Sap Patches always emits Far Infrared Rays. These rays resonate with the body’s own energy to warm the body. This results in maintaining blood circulation around the foot and opening the pores to eliminate excrements which are drawn out under osmotic pressure from the blood and lymphatic systems.
What is Aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person's mind, mood, cognitive function or health.
Modes of application
The modes of application of aromatherapy include :
Aerial diffusion: For environmental fragrancing or aerial disinfection
Direct inhalation: For respiratory disinfection, decongestion, expectoration as well as psychological effects
Topical applications: For general massage, baths, compresses, therapeutic skin care
KJI’s Aroma Sap Patch
KJI applies the theory of aromatherapy to the production of Aroma Sap Patches and we expect the efficacy of aromatherapy which may help relax mind and body. We use fragrant Lavender oil, Rose oil, Eucalyptus oil which may enhance the benefit of Sap Patch withpowdered mixture of the healthful natural ingredients such as Chitosan, Loquat extract, Mugwort extract, Tourmaline, Wood vinegar etc. when manufacturing Aroma Sap Patches.