What is sap patch?
Sap Patch is originated from a folk remedy. The energy of natural ingredients made by trees and natural resources absorb accumulated wastes and toxic materials in human body as ointments in oriental medical science do. Sap Patches always emit natural FIR ( Far Infrared Rays ) which helps promote the circulation of the blood to make you feel refreshed and light. You may apply them on both soles of the feet just before going to bed and take them off next morning during the recommended application time 6~8hours.

Trees can live for hundreds of years even without water and nutrients supplied by human beings. They survive through the winter by remaining in dormant state when there is little sunlight and rain. However in the spring, they become full of life again. By reversing the energy that trees use to draw moisture up from the ground to their leaves, sap patches are capable of drawing unnecessary body wastes. This basic theory works by applying sap patchesto the soles of the feet. People living in the contemporary era are suffering from the polluted environment and as a result waste matters are continually accumulated in our bodies, thereby causing many of symptoms and irritations. If these waste matters are removed from our bodies, we can feel better and refreshed.

When we burn trees in charcoal kilns, we can find that nature’s extracts came from the trees evaporate along with the smoke. We can capture and refrigerate them by the special production process. And then we make natural liquid materials which contain various beneficial components of nature. This liquid extracted from trees is called sap or forest sap.
Human beings are destined to accumulate body wastes in the feet which play a role as the main support for the body. We can easily find observable symptoms through our daily experiences like stained socks at night and swollen feet when one gets tired. Accumulated body wastes may lead us to have dropsical swelling of feet and legs, fatigue and even disharmony in the body when metabolic processes do not function properly. The soles of the feet where acupuncture points are concentrated are the reflection points of all organs and parts of the human body. They have a great influence on blood circulation, and, as such, they are referred to “the second heart” by humans. Because the feet always tend to accumulate body wastes, the soles are the best area for us to apply sap patches experiencing their beneficial effects to the body.
Sap patches should be basically applied on the sole of the feet every day until they are no longer saturated with body wastes. Those who have a serious illness or those who are currently or were taking medication for long time are likely to find saturated sap patches continuously. When sap patches stop being saturated with body wastes, you may think that lots of body wastes have been discharged. However, because we feel that our body can easily accumulate body wastes, we had better apply them on the soles once or twice a week as a preventative measure.
A good effect can be achieved when sap patches are applied to the targeted areas of the body as well as the soles of the feet even though these targeted areas often do not become fully saturated with body wastes like sap patches appliedon the soles. In addition, when you apply sap patches to the targeted areas except the soles of the feet, it would be effective to apply sap patches broadly to the targeted areas and neighboring areas together because the areas where one feels minor pain may be broader than we feel. Once you notice the area saturated with body wastes, you may apply sap patches only to that area.