The type of sap patch
Normal Type Sap Patch

Normal type sap patch is separately composed of sap patch and adhesive sheet.


Sap Patch: 60mm x 90mm, 4g (export standard)

/ 65mm x 80mm, 4g (if customer requires)
Adhesive Sheet: 95mm x 132mm
We, KJI Industrial Co., Ltd.,developed the use-friendly all-in-one type sap patch, which was a combined set of patch and adhesive sheet through our R&D in 2006 year.
One-Touch Sap Patch

The function of One-Touch Sap Patchis the same as normal type sap patch.
One-Touch Sap Patch is designed to attach sap patches to the soles of
the feet or body easily,which ends up preventing the wrong application.


Sap Patch: 60mm x 90mm, 4g
Adhesive Sheet: 110mm x 135mm
One Touch Sap Patch in an envelope: 135mm x 175mm
Sales Policy
We will offer the best service to customers who want to import and distribute our products.
Sap patch products are manufactured with several kinds of packing, color and size to meet the customer demand.
We, KJI Industrial Co., Ltd., always pursue the best quality products.