Rose Sap Patch
Makes you feel energized through the rich fragrance of Rose.
Rose oil, also referred to as the queen of diverse range of aroma therapy oils, is very effective on dried and aged skin. It may help clear and exalt one's mind and assist one to have dignified confidence. Furthermore, its aromatic effect may help remove various foul odors. Rose Sap Patch manufactured by KJI always emits natural far infraredray and has refined scent of Rose. It may lead you to an energetic and pleasant life. It also absorbs body wastes and sweat, which makes you feel lively and refreshed. We strongly recommend you to use it when you feel tired and your feet are heavy, and then you may feel better.
Rose oil, Tourmaline, Agaricus, Wood vinegar, Eucalyptus oil, Mugwortextract, Loquat extract, Vitamin C, Chitosan, Highly purified silica,Pearlstone, Starch, Polyhydric alcohol
Sap Patch : 60mm x 90mm, 4g
Adhesive Sheet : 95mm x 132mm
Adhesive Sheet for One Touch : 105mm x 135mm